Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I miss riding my bike on the roads

The Oak King is taking his own sweet time to take over from the Holly King and we face a lot of cold weather still. Apologies to those who don't get the pagan reference just now. Suffice it to say that for anyone who enjoys riding a bike, the winter months here in New Jersey can be very bleak indeed. I'm a neophyte when it comes to cycling but I've ridden just enough last fall to get bitten by the bike bug and now must content myself with spinning at a gym. Spinning is a lot of fun but it's an entirely different experience from biking out on the road.

For now, my bike — a Trek 7.5 FX fitness bike as shown above — hangs dormant on my garage wall. It looks sad, cold and unloved as I pull into the garage at the end of each work day. All I have to console myself are maps of possible routes for when the weather warms up and videos like the one below, promoting Trek bikes. Springtime can't come soon enough.

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