Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Give

On the Saturday after the marriage equality bill failed in the New Jersey state senate, thanks in large part to turncoats in the Democratic Party, I received a phone call from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking for money. I didn't give the caller money. I gave him a message: with no action on DOMA, ENDA and DADT despite having majorities in both houses of Congress and, for a year, a self-proclaimed "fierce advocate" for gay rights in the White House who has failed to exercise leadership of any meaningful sort on these issues, the DCCC cannot then come back and ask me for money. After all, they can then use that money to support candidates who will do nothing for my community and may even oppose our issues. I told the caller not to bother calling back until there is concrete action on DOMA, ENDA and DADT.

With that, it's good to read this blog entry on AMERICAblog showing one gay man's hand-written response to a fund-raising letter from the Democratic National Committee. It expresses the same anger shared by many of us who have given, time and time again, our money, our votes, and our volunteer hours to the Democratic Party, with little in return. AMERICAblog's John Aravosis has called for a Don't Ask, Don't Give campaign and I've gladly joined. I will certainly contribute to individual candidates who, by their actions (as opposed to their promises), have demonstrated support for the LGBT community. But for the Democratic Party at large, this ATM is closed for business.

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