Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Babs tells it like it is...

I once had the honor of meeting Babs Siperstein. At the time, I didn't actually know who she was and how important she is. We simply talked about politics during a backyard barbecue at someone's house and she came across as simply an ordinary citizen who just seemed to know everything there was to know about state politics in New Jersey. Imagine my surprise when I later found out I had been talking to one very prominent member of the state Democratic party.

I write all this as preamble to Babs' post on the Blue Jersey blog concerning tomorrow's vote on marriage equality in the state senate. I particularly like her final point about making sure we hold Democrats to account and support those who support us. We in the LGBT community are a critical component of the Democratic coalition in New Jersey and, as such, are not to be taken for granted. I know I will do my utmost to support those Democrats who stood with us tomorrow. I will also do everything I can to support challengers to any Democrat who votes against my interests and those of all other same-sex couples in New Jersey in the senate tomorrow.

Here's the direct link to her post:

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