Friday, October 16, 2009

Senator Udall calls Pres. Obama's bluff on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Courtesy of John Aravosis at AmericaBlog, here's the story and actual letter US Senator (D-Colorado) Mark Udall has written to President Obama requesting him to solicit input from the Secretary of Defense and the military establishment within thirty days to push forward the discussion on just how the elimination of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy should proceed. Udall rightly reminds the Obama that for sixteen years, dedicated men and women have been expelled from the armed forces, often after being subjected to what can only be described as a witch hunt, an injustice and a disservice to over-stretched armed forces that needs to end. Last weekend at the black-tie HRC dinner, Obama talked (as he is wont to do) very eloquently about the injustices endured by the LGBT community. Now here is an opportunity to turn that talk into action so that Congress can move forward in putting a repeal on his desk. Meanwhile, there is nothing to prevent him from putting a stop-loss order to suspend DADT so that more servicemen and women are not separated from the forces. The time for talk is long over. The time for action is overdue.

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