Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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My friend and coworker Nathan and I decided to take advantage of reasonably good weather today and the fact that our entire organization at work was having a United Way fund-raising event at Lewis Morris Park, adjacent to Jockey Hollow National Park near Morristown, to go on a ride in the area together while the rest of the team would stay behind at the park. The tricky thing for me, a novice with only one month of bike ownership, was mapping out a loop that would be long but not too hilly for me. That proved difficult on paper (er, MayMyRide) and, as it turned out, on the road too, the whole area adjacent to the park being very hilly indeed. This was one challenging ride and even Nathan, a seasoned rider (he rode the century at the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge this year in great time) told me it was hillier than he expected. Well, I did it. Sure, I got off my bike and walked a few yards halfway up the worst two hills (at around mile 13 and mile 18), although in my defense they reached grades of 22% and 16%, respectively, and I was still in a lot of pain from a particularly tough leg workout a couple of days before. My leg routines always produce muscle soreness at their peak 48 hours after training. Not to be outdone by the hills, I managed to have my chain fall out near the very end of the ride as I switched the front gear from a particularly tough climb back into the park after almost 25 miles of riding. Who knew threading a chain back on was so easy?! It took little more than a few seconds to get that baby back on so I consider that yet another right of passage into the world of cycling. Hills, falling chains, aggressive drivers, and more hills. Bring 'em on! I'm ready and feel really good about today.

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