Friday, February 6, 2009

California Proposition 8 Donor Database

The San Francisco Chronicle has a nice front end to the database of individuals who made cash donations on behalf of (and against) California's Proposition 8 in the recent election. Proposition 8, which passed, takes away the right granted by the state Supreme Court in its interpretation of the California state constitution of same-sex couples to obtain civil marriage in that state.

The front end allows queries based on name, state of residence, and other criteria. See if your next door neighbor thinks that same-sex couples all the way in California should be deprived of equal protection under the law with respect to spousal rights and responsibilities. Some supporters of Proposition 8 have protested the publication of this list. Could it be because they are ashamed of their own bigotry?

Incidentally, the number of donors in New Jersey, where I live, who supported Proposition 8 is 49. This list includes someone by the name of Annette Newman of New Providence, NJ who had $2000 to spare to take away spousal rights from people she doesn't even know clear across the country from her. She could have donated money to combat cancer, fight hunger, or reduce homelessness. Instead, Annette chose to take away the rights of people who have never done anything to her. Annette Newman: shame on you!

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