Friday, December 26, 2008

Hypocrisy in action: Hater Rick Warren accuses gays of hate speech

True to his right-wing evangelical stripes, Rick Warren, rather than apologizing for his on-the-record remarks about gay couples being in the same category as pedophiles, or saying that gay people are "immature" or that they can be "cured," Rick Warren now goes on the attack. He sees himself as the object of hate speech and "Christophobic." You can't make this stuff up. So not only, in this man's views, are we members of the LGBT community somehow immature or sick, we are accused of hate speech for the mere fact of speaking up when we are so accused. The Christian right expects us to be silent as they lie about us. And this is the man whom Barack Obama has chosen to give a national stage on what should have been a day, his inaugural, for optimism and new beginnings. The incomparable Rachel Maddow sums it up nicely:

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Anonymous said...

I love how his "church" says that "unrepentant" gays cannot be members, then he says that when those same people speak out about him the are Christophobes.

What an egomaniac.